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Press release ONS Covid-19 Survey Must Be Continued

09 March 2023 / Covid Action

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The Covid Action UK campaign condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision to pause or scrap the ONS Covid-19 Infection survey.

Joan Twelves — a member of the Covid Action Steering Committee — has been a participant in the ONS survey. She explains that the survey “is far more than just a survey detailing who has Covid and who does not – though that is very important data – it also checks with its participants how many contacts they have had, whether they went out with a mask on, and a whole range of other data which is so important to understand not just the prevalence of Covid, but how people are continuing to try to mitigate the virus. As somebody who is clinically extremely vulnerable I need that data personally so that I know what risk I am taking when I go outside the house.”

The ONS survey is the only survey which has proper, scientifically verified methodology, and with this pause or cancellation we are seeing once again the Government’s determination to gaslight the population into believing Covid no longer exists. Despite their best efforts we all know someone who is sick with Covid, or recovering from Covid, or struggling with Long Covid, and sadly some of us know people who have died in recent days due to Covid. 

We all need to be able to access the information the ONS Covid-19 survey provides so that we can assess risk and modify our behaviour accordingly. It is scandalous that the Government, in an attempt to brush the whole pandemic experience under the carpet, is removing the only sensible, scientifically valid source of data. We need to fight to make sure that the ONS survey continues just as much as we must fight to ensure there is a vaccination programme for all, not only those who are over 75 or clinically vulnerable.


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  • COVID ACTION is a grassroots, activist campaign of individuals and affiliated labour and trade union organisations who came together in November 2020 to challenge the UK government’s approach to the pandemic.
  • We are putting forward an alternative strategy – Vaccines-Plus – aimed at eliminating community transmission of Covid-19. We are campaigning for this to be adopted by Labour and all other political parties, the Westminster government, and the governments of the devolved nations, in order to save lives, prevent the collapse of the NHS and care systems, and stamp down on Covid-19 and all its variants.
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