The campaign to beat the pandemic

Press statement Statement on opening of the Public Inquiry

21 July 2022 / zerocovid

The opening of the Public Inquiry into the handling of the Covid pandemic today is long overdue and it is incredible that government ministers are being given a year to reply.

This crucial inquiry will be one of the most important in British history – trying to explain how 200,000 people died, how unprepared the health system was to deal with it, the shortages of PPE etc., the crucial decisions on lockdown(s) – and why they were deliberately and criminally delayed and finally and most importantly where responsibility lies!

Many of those mainly responsible – Johnson, Hancock, Javid – have already departed the scene or are about to do so.

Meanwhile the government’s disastrous “let it rip” policy of learning to live with the virus continues to lead to the deaths of thousands and to long term disability for thousands more. The voices of those who died and their relatives and friends cry out for justice and they must have it. Zero Covid U.K. will monitor this inquiry closely and continue to call for those responsible to be held to account!

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