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A call to action photo to remind me to take action now and email Steve Barclay about Covid policy that needs to happen. There is a link to do so in this post!

Take action: Remind Steve Barclay that we haven’t “dealt with” Covid

07 July 2022 / zerocovid

CLICK HERE: We have made a tool to email Steve Barclay and remind him that we have not “dealt with” Covid, the pandemic is still very much around us, and if he doesn’t want to share the outgoing PM’s legacy of catastrophic pandemic mismanagement and hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of long Covid cases, he needs to take action to mitigate the virus now.

Click here to use our tool to send him an email!

Once you’ve done that, let us know on twitterfacebook or instagram if you hear back! Plus, why not spend some time writing to your own MP, or even to the press, to make sure they know that now is the time to change course, that the Johnson govt’s legacy can stop here?

Thank you and solidarity!

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