The campaign to beat the pandemic

Leaflet: Bring back free Covid tests!

16 June 2022 / zerocovid

Download the leaflet below as a PDF and print it at home. If you have any trouble or would like help to print lots of copies, just get in touch at


The A4 version below will print out double-sided on regular A4 printing, so that if you tear or cut it in half, it’ll become two A5 leaflets. In order to make that work, you have to select  ‘Flip pages on short edge’ when you get to the print dialogue box. If you just print it out as it is, you’ll get the same text on both sides, with one side upside down.

You can also download it in A5 format if your printer has the facility to print A5 directly. The A5 design is also suitable for taking to professional printers.

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