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Covid-19 Safety Pledge

18 April 2022 / zerocovid

Independent SAGE has introduced ‘The Covid-19 Safety Pledge’ to promote the creation of safe spaces at work. We invite employers and/or owners of organisations to sign up to this pledge and ensure covid-safe spaces for their employees, customers and any users of these spaces.

This is the text of the pledge:

We pledge to protect our staff, users and customers from Covid-19.

We will assess our physical environment and working practices according to Health and Safety Law including Risk Assessments, in order to ensure that they are designed to safeguard against the spread of infection.

We will abide by best public health advice and ensure that all employees who test positive for Covid are both asked and given adequate support to stay home and self-isolate.

Click here to find out more.

How to use the pledge:

  • Share it among your co-workers and then collectively approach your employer about adopting the pledge.
  • If you hear about a business pressuring workers to come in while they have Covid, post on social media and tag @IndependentSage or contact us directly.
  • Ask businesses where you a customer or service user to adopt the pledge.
  • Share the pledge in your trade union branch so that more people can start using it.

Watch the launch event with Stephen Reicher, Tracy Edwards, Dave Moxham, Janet Newsham and Ceri Williams.

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