The campaign to beat the pandemic

Covid in Scotland: what do we face and what can we do?

25 January 2022 / Zero Covid Scotland

Zero Covid Scotland organised a meeting on 22 January 2022 featuring virologist Dr Jeremy Rossman and activist Dr Mike Downham.

Dr Jeremy Rossman spoke about the situation in Scotland from an epidemiological point of view. The Omicron variant has caused a massive spike in cases in countries across the world, because it is more transmissible and extraordinarily good at evading the immune system. We have to think about the long-term impact of the virus and we must continue to act.

Dr Mike Downham spoke about how the campaign has done so far and what strategies it has used. We learnt the hard way that profit trumps health for most politicians. We went on to hold public meetings amplifying the voices of those most impacted by the pandemic, and organise petitions. What can we do next?

In his concluding remarks, Dr Jeremy Rossman highlighted the need to think both locally and globally. The virus is going to keep changing and keep coming back.

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