The campaign to beat the pandemic

Covid and climate with Rob Wallace

05 January 2022 / zerocovid

The Covid pandemic and climate disaster are closely linked. Environmental catastrophe, mega-cities and agri-business have created the conditions for this virus to emerge.

The interactions of humans with animals whose habitats we have destroyed allowed this virus to jump species – and then spread through globalised trade and travel.

Other pandemics such as Aids, Ebola and SARS had similar origins. They are driven by capitalism’s insatiable drive for profit and contempt for the ecology of the earth.

Rob Wallace, author of Big Farms Make Big Flu, gave a talk for Zero Covid in November 2021 to explain how flu and other pathogens emerge from an agriculture controlled by multinationals. He works at the Agroecology and Rural Economics Research Corps (ARERC), a group of independent scientists, educators, and agricultural practitioners.

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