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Immensa’s contract must be cancelled

06 November 2021 / zerocovid

New data from the REACT study released yesterday showed that South West England continues to be the region with the highest number of COVID cases. This was a region which throughout the pandemic has had one of the lowest rates.

There can be no doubt that the scandalous incompetence at the Immensa testing lab has led to this and to hundreds of deaths in the region. The Tory government, which awarded Immensa the contract, continues to deny any link between the rise in cases and the issuing of thousands of false negative test results by the lab, which led to many infected individuals falsely believing that they were safe and continuing to mix in the community and spread the virus. Immensa has continued to carry out PCR travel tests despite their obvious inability to act responsibly.

This is a scandal and must be stopped. The Immensa lab must be stripped of any contracts by the government and the directors of the company should be prosecuted for criminal negligence.

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