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A leaflet advertising the 13 March Day of Action for Zero Covid. Slogans on the leaflet include: 130,000 dead. Whose death is 'acceptable'? End the social murder. Zero Covid now!

13 March: Day of Action for Zero Covid

04 March 2021 / zerocovid

We still need Zero Covid.

The UK Government’s roadmap will allow the R value to rise above 1 according to SAGE scientists, and fails to account for new variants of the virus or the threat of Long Covid. SAGE have also predicted that the Governments’s ‘containment’ strategy will lead to a third wave, with 30,000-80,000 further deaths. 

We believe no preventable death is acceptable, and that a third wave is preventable with Zero Covid. End the social murder!

Take Action at 2pm

We encourage people to make a safe and lawful protest against the UK Government’s policy and in favour of Zero Covid. It’s possible to draw attention to the cause within the restrictions by being creative – hanging up a banner or putting up a poster on your window, holding a placard whilst taking your exercise or standing at your front door, for example. 

Email to find out what people are doing in your area.

Please send photos and videos of your actions to us on Facebook and Twitter and post them on social media using the hashtags #NoThirdWave #ZeroCovid

Here is a to submitting photo and video reports from your action

From 3pm-5.00pm we’re holding an online rally:

Confirmed speakers:

  • Hector Wesley (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, BARAC)
  • Louise Regan (National Education Union, personal capacity)
  • Tony O’Sullivan (Co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public)
  • Ellen Clifford (Disabled People Against Cuts, DPAC)
  • Clare Rayner (Long Covid group)
  • Pat Gleave, Unite branch secretary, Queen’s Road bus garage, Go North West strike against fire-and-rehire

More speakers to be announced.

Register at  or using the button below.

Our accessibility guide can be be found at.

We encourage all Zero Covid supporters in Scotland to take part in the Zero Covid Scotland launch event from 10am-2pm.

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