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Zero Covid Scotland launch event 10am-2pm Saturday 13 March

Zero Covid Scotland launch conference on 13 March

26 February 2021 / Zero Covid Scotland


Join us on Saturday 13 March for the Zero Covid Scotland launch conference.

There’s a door ajar in Scotland, a door to Zero Covid.

The Scottish Government has been handed a report, by their own Scottish Parliament’s Covid-19 Committee, telling them to pursue a virus elimination strategy. With the Scottish elections coming up on 6 May, let’s push that door wide open.

The launch conference of Zero Covid Scotland will run from 10am to 2pm.┬áIt’s necessary to register on Zoom to attend this event.

Speakers include:


  • Dr Philippa Whitford MP, member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus that recommended a Zero Covid strategy
  • Dr Jeremy Rossman, expert on the international elimination of Covid, University of Kent
  • Professor Andrew Watterson, public health expert, Stirling University
  • Dr Deepti Gurdasani, epidemiologist and medical statistician, Queen Mary University of London
  • Scottish Hazards – aiming to reduce injury, ill health and death caused by work/workplaces in Scotland


  • Tracy Edwards, Public and Commercial Services (PCS) trade union
  • Allan Crosbie, Educational Institute of Scotland (personal capacity)
  • Others to be confirmed

As well as registering you can join the Facebook event to help publicise the conference.

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