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Protesting safely for a Zero Covid Strategy

10 November 2020 / zerocovid

On Saturday 14 November we are taking part in a Day of Action to call for a Zero Covid Strategy. After the online rally we’ll be on the streets to spread our message. Here is our view on how to do so safely.

The current legislation in place in the UK does allow some gatherings for political protest (it differs across the four nations – see below for details). However we don’t recommend gatherings to protest for Zero Covid at the moment. 

We recommend that either your household, support bubble or you and one other person take action. Masks should be worn. Protest locally rather than using public transport.

Your message

Our message is clear: we demand a Zero Covid Strategy. We don’t have to live with the virus. Other countries have beaten it and we can too with an effective Zero Covid Strategy. 

A short slogan like ‘ Zero Covid – Eliminate the Virus’ might work best, but if you have a personal reason why Zero Covid is important, make that clear. It’s important to share our stories.

You can download a poster from here.

Decide a location where you will be visible but not in the way, for example outside a supermarket, near the public entrance to a hospital, at a junction or alongside a busy road or in a park or public square.

Take a photo or video of yourself and post it on social media with the hashtag #ZeroCovid. You can tag the Zero Covid campaign’s social media accounts:

Twitter: @ZeroCovid_UK

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Facebook: @zerocoviduk

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Instagram: @zerocovid_uk

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Be creative

You could arrange with others to space yourselves along a road or around a public space.  Keep at least five metres between you so you don’t constitute a gathering. 

Perhaps you could even organise a car or bicycle cavalcade, with balloons flying and posters!

At Work

If you are working you and your colleagues could take a group photo or video. Do make sure you follow the safety measures in place at your workplace.

The Right to Protest

These links contain details of the current legislation on what social and group activities are permitted under different circumstances:




Northern Ireland:

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