The campaign to beat the pandemic

Covid Action is the campaign to beat the pandemic. We call for the UK to switch strategy and aim to eliminate the virus. About us »

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Covid Is Not Over

Covid Action is a grassroots campaign of individual activists and labour and trade union organisations working together to call for a different approach to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Previously known as Zero Covid, we are continuing to put forward a Vaccines Plus strategy aimed at eliminating community transmission of the virus.

We are also taking up the wide range of pandemic-related issues that need to be confronted, such as Long Covid, patent waivers to enable global vaccination, funding for research and development of the next generation of vaccines and antivirals, and the crisis in the NHS and social care.

Covid Action means we will take action as we campaign and demand action from the government, local authorities and businesses.

Our main demands are:

●       The return of free testing for all

●       Mask-wearing on public transport and crowded indoor public spaces, including all shops

●       A public sector test-and-trace system 

●       Safe working, studying and socialising, including Covid-safe workplaces – we support Independent SAGE’s Covid Safety Pledge

●       Ventilation – the widespread installation of HEPA filters and CO2 monitors, and the establishment of mandatory criteria for air quality in indoor spaces

●       Vaccination – further mass vaccination and booster campaigns in the UK, in schools and the wider community, as well as prioritising research into new vaccines to meet the threat of Covid variants

●       The waiver of intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines to enable global vaccination

●       Long Covid – financial support for those impacted by long Covid; for it to be recognised as a disability under the Equality Act and as an occupational disease; and funding for ongoing research

●       For a fully-funded publicly-run NHS

●       Publication of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry’s interim conclusions within the year to inform ongoing and future pandemic response and planning

Covid Action – September 2022

The pandemic is not over. The pandemic is global.

We must take action now to beat this virus. A better world is possible.

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